We offer comprehensive technical and support across the entire product lifecycle from project inception to final production.

Therallen’s finished product manufacturing facilities meet the highest standards according to regulatory requirements.We strive to deliver efficient manufacturing processes to customers and are equipped to produce high volumes of solid dosage forms.

Our company has a highly successful range of formulation products that address relevant and growing therapeutic areas:

Pre-formulation Intermediates (PFIs)

S.NO Product Name Category
1 Tamsulosin Hydrochloride SR Pellets BPH
2 Dutasteride Pellets BPH
3 Tolterodine Tartrate SR Pellets Urinary Incontinence
4 Duloxetine EC Pellets Anti-depressant
5 Duloxetine HCl EC Pellets Anti-depressant
6 Fluloxetine HCl EC Pellets Anti-depressant
7 Venlafaxine HCl ER Pellets Anti-depressant
8 Itraconazole Pellets Anti-fungal
9 Dabigatran Pellets Anti-coagulant
10 Metoprolol Succinate SR Pellets Anti-hypertensive
11 Ketoprofen SR Pellets Anti-Inflammatory
12 Aprepitant Pellets Anti-emetic
13 Domperidone IR Pellets Anti-emetic
14 Domperidone SR Pellets Anti-emetic
15 Domperidone Maleate SR Pellets Anti-emetic
16 Itopride HCl SR Pellets Functional dyspepsia
17 Didanosine Pellets Anti-retroviral
18 Mebeverine HCl SR Pellets Anti-cholinergic
19 Mebeverine HCl Pellets Anti-cholinergic
20 Esomeprazole EC Pellets Anti-ulcerant
21 Lansoprazole EC Pellets Anti-ulcerant
22 Dexlansoprazole Pellets Anti-ulcerant
23 Omeprazole Pellets Anti-ulcerant
24 Pantoprazole Sodium EC Pellets Anti-ulcerant
25 Rabeprazole Sodium EC Pellets Anti-ulcerant
26 Orlistat Pellets Anti-obesity
27 Atorvastatin Calcium Pellets Lipid lowering agent
28 Fenofibrate Pellets Lipid lowering agent
29 Fenofibrate SR Pellets Lipid lowering agent
30 Esomeprazole MUPS Anti-ulcerant